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1 Port Australian Style Flush Plate - Black

1 Port Australian Style Flush Plate - Black
  • Model: DWP-H01-03-CBK
  • EAN: 6930585202282
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Our premium Australian-type flush wall plates are made from high-impact ABS plastic, making for years of durable use.

It is compatible with all standard Australian mechanisms and jacks including F-connectors etc. Fits standard Australian electrical switch plate installation hardware and screw centers, making it perfect for easy flush installation on gyprock or fibro cavity walls.

The 2-piece design has a separate backplate and cover, allowing the cover to be removed for mounting or painting etc.

Order Code: DWP01ABK


High strength and impact-resistant ABS plastic.

The screw hidden designing of the panel frame looks beautiful and elegant.



Technical and Performance Parameters

Size: 74mm*115mm*13mm

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